Press Release 22.8.: Senat indulged, Campingground found.

The Senat indulged
Squattingdays campingground found

Today, the 22/8/14 the district exchange signed a contract for a campjngground.
Squattingdays will take place in August-Lütgens-Park in district Altona.
A low-threshold service is provided.

Peter P. from the organising-team of the Squattingdays: “We are happy about this central position and moreover that we enforced this uncommercial, political camp in the urban area. The districts exposure with our concern is still a scandal for us. Once again it became clear that for city politics there is no opportunity for our spaces.”

The fact that the district cooperates in a few points is only because of the pressure we produced lately. We know both, the Senat and the district of altona, would never voluntarily grant any place for us.
Especially the demand of a fee of a four-digit sum shows that political engagement depents to amounts of money, which is not reasonable for an uncommercial happening. Furthermore it is the city, that is still responsible for the devastating Housing situation. Also it is the city which is usually crimminalising Squatters. There are more than just these reasons, not to make peace with city and district politics.

We understand the signing of a contract as a strategical move to be able to spare energie and engagement for other situations. We would have prefered a toleration for the camp.
It did cost a lot of energie and diskussions to accept this factical conflict of signing a contract. We decided to focus on preventing repression and on providing a safe low-threshold on an urban camp.

In spite of everything we see it as a partial success that we prevented the government from pushing us in suburban areas.
Hereby we want to thank all the groups, persons and initiatives that are in solidarity with us, that supported us and that still do so!

The organising-team of Squattingdays 2014 in Hamburg
Presscontact are Hanna K. and Peter P. on, and
on request on 0152 – 07916881 at service.